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Advertising on this Site

I am currently accepting ads only on my travel pages. These must be text ads that are relevant to the page they appear on, and will be located at the top right of the page or at the bottom of the page (this page has examples). The target page must not be ugly, unfriendly, or bad in some other way.

The exact layout can be negotiated, but ads must be clearly marked as such, with a reference to "sponsor" or "supporter" or "advertisement". They must also be well-formed and grammatical, and must not consist of artificial strings of keywords.

The rates start at US$150/year for internal travelogue pages, $250/year for the smaller travelogues, $500/year for the major travelogues, and $750/year for the top "bushwalking and travel" and "travelogue" pages. The minimum billing is $500/half-year.

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