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March 2023

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Oxford's little-known East Timorese population - Cherwell
(in the 2021 census, Portuguese was Oxford's second "first language", after English)
mode of travel to school doesn't affect academic performance, except... - BMJ
"in the highest household income group, there was a ... reduction of 4.63 exam points (equivalent to three exams dropping from A to B) for the children who were driven to school"
a critical history of Demand Responsive Transport in the UK - Bus and Train User
traffic violence harms parents as well as children - Romper
"Once we stop pretending everything's OK, we can take back our lives — or at least the lives of our kids."
a Tokyo micro-apartment: just nine square metres - Guardian
Canterbury: progressive transport policy from a conservative council - Conservative Home
auto-freedom and Oxford as a 15-minute city - IPPR
housing problems in the English-speaking world - FT
"the answer to so many woes in the English-speaking world is to unburden ourselves of our anti-apartment exceptionalism"
large reductions in maximum speeds from "signed only" 20mph limits - 20s Plenty
how to improve the Ukrainian military - Maidan
"Poor results when they occur, which they always will, must be faced honestly and not glossed over with fine self-congratulatory words and speeches from government."
circulating signal junctions: Dutch "innie" versus CYCLOPS "outie" - Ranty Highwayman
proposals to improve walking and cycling connectivity to Oxford's Lye Valley - Oxford Blog
arrested for being a pedestrian - HarryTheTallCyclist
"Never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee" - Interesting Literature
UK roads need to cater for three modes, not just two - City Infinity
Nigeria's oil thieves - New Lines
Rishi Sunak lacks Edward Heath's principles - and courage - Middle East Eye
the BBC is now censoring David Attenborough to avoid upsetting right-wing ideologues - Guardian
do humans have an innate "urge to travel"? - Phil Goodwin
"We are hard-wired to eat, after all, and we can easily prove that this is a defining feature of humanity, and a vital part of our cultures, and a basic human right. But if we eat too much, or the wrong food, it does us harm."
operating at low speeds, urban electric utility vehicles could have radically different designs - Kottke
Michael Marmot and others: access to walking, wheeling and cycling facilities is a public health issue - Sustrans
feminism and the 15-minute city - Transformative Urban Mobility
bring on 20mph limits! "The optimum speed limit in city traffic for minimising CO2 emissions for a small petrol hatchback is ~17.5mph, and for minimising NOx ~12.5mph. For larger vehicles CO2 emissions are minimised at 12.5mph." - Future Transport
the politics of Oxford transport changes - Oxford Clarion
larger vehicles, more congestion: "If the vehicles are smaller, a larger number of them get through each green light. This results in a lower journey time and a faster average speed." - Future of Transport
"the major factor affecting the average journey time was the number of vehicles that pass through each green light cycle. ... this is primarily a function of vehicle size and the gap between vehicles as they drive through the lights."
a history of British pedestrian crossings - Roads
a School Streets scheme for North Oxford's Charlbury Rd area? - Oxford Blog
should the signals be removed at the northern end of Oxford's Cornmarket? - Oxford Blog
the effect of non-occupational physical activity on chronic disease and mortality: a systematic review - BMJ
"Inverse non-linear dose–response associations suggest substantial protection against a range of chronic disease outcomes from small increases in non-occupational physical activity in inactive adults."


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