Andrew Bromage

I was born in 1973, so that makes me the same age as "Tubular Bells". I have just completed a BSc in computer science and I have applied for Honours in 1995. I was going to do theoretical physics, but I noticed that my marks were higher in CS.

My baptism certificate says, "Methodist Church in Australia" which makes me Uniting Church now. My role in my local church entails operating the PA system every second Sunday and being the local representative for Share (Uniting Church Community Services). The former is because I am one of exactly two people who attend that service who can do the job; the latter is because I am the only person around who makes regular trips into town.

My beliefs are somewhat complicated because they tend to change to suit whatever I am doing at the time. I believe that nothing can be thought of as absolute truth, and this does not conflict with my being Christian. Please do not ask me to explain why.

Oh, I also have a homepage here for those who care.