Rowland Croucher (Rev. Dr. if you need that garbage!)

Director, John Mark Ministries (a small ministry - two people - which offers counseling/consulting services to all churches). Author of about ten books (four in the pipeline): best-known is the Still Waters Deep Waters series of devotional books produced by Albatross/Lion.

I'm interested in contributing to various religious discussions (on any topic with the possible exception of creation/evolution!). But, more, I want to set up a news group and mail-based service for clergy and particularly ex-pastors. we're doing research into why there are 10,000 ex-pastors in Australia (about the same number as those serving in churches).

A minor aim: I collect books by the second-most prolific Australian religious writer ever (F.W.Boreham, 46 book titles). Let's have a competition to find out the most-published Australian religious writer (over fifty books as of 1992).


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