Chris Ho-Stuart

I'm a lecturer in computer science at QUT, Brisbane. Other interests include religion, Chinese language and writing, travel, and reading. The strange surname is a hyphenation of my wife's surname with mine.

I was born in 1959 in Pusan, South Korea, to missionary parents, and grew up surrounded by religion, faith and study. In time I became an active christian in my own right within the church and at university.

Formative experiences as a young adult: discussing the bible with an orthodox jewish friend. Participation in a navigators study group where my liberal theological position was considered rather scandalous. A visit to the USA for 19 months where I lived in a house with a protestant (me) a roman catholic and a jew (non-practising). Joining a church where part of the study program leading to membership was a requirement to study and enunciate ones own creed of belief.

Over this time of self examination I very slowly and gradually came to lose my christian faith; to the point where now I call myself atheist. I have never lost my interest in religion, or the bible, and hope that my participation in aus.religion is respectful of the many different viewpoints that exist in that forum.

If you want a mental picture of me: I am very skinny (though I'd rather be thought of as slim) with buck teeth, short hair, a cheerful face, and terrible dress sense. If you would like a photograph, or further details, you are welcome to read my home page.