I, Rod Jackson, was born in 1974. I became a christian when I was 6 years old. I distinctly remember wanting to go to heaven so much that I prayed 'the prayer' three times. Of course now I realise that 'the prayer' is not what saves you, but then I wanted to make sure I said it right. I have a degree in Information Technology and am currently going for my B of Sci. Although I'm thinking of changing to an Arts/Science degree so I can major in philosophy and physics [astro]. As you may have guess I love theology, philosophy and science. Blending the three is also fun ;p I've been describe by others as a fundamentalist, whatever that means. But I do believe the bible to be the inspired word of God. I believe being a christian is having a personal relationship with God through His Son Jesus the Christ.

I'm really glad I'm living to see the new millenium. Not because I think anything special will happen then, but because we get a lot of cool shows on tv about what 'could' happen then... oh yeah and on the internet I go by the alias of RAZA.

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