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Free Software and Social Justice

In the two years since I wrote Development, Ethical Trading, and Free Software, there have been major changes in both the free software movement and ???.

The amount and quality of free software has grown dramatically, and free software ("open source") has achieved widespread credibility within the business and government circles.

But the bigger changes have been on the "social justice" side. Issues over biopiracy and ???, but concern about the costs of drugs, and in particular of HIV/AIDS drugs in South Africa and Brazil, made drug patent issues very visible ???.

Two of seventeen proposals for the international Oxfam campaign 2002-2004 focused on information and intellectual property (and while I authored one, the other was produced by the Oxfam GB policy unit, a high profile ??? with a ??? reputation). And a chapter in the forthcoming Oxfam Trade Report will address intellectual property.

Focus on patents, but trade imbalances and ??? copyright ???.

These concerns should extend to other areas of intellectual property, notably to copyright. ??? trade imbalances.

Iceland and Icelandic -- privatisation ???

food dumping -- "donations" compulsory licencing only long term, sustainable solution is to

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