Danny Yee >> Internet Censorship in Australia >> Broadcasting Services Act
I refer to the complaint that you lodged with the Australian
Broadcasting Authority (ABA) on 20 January 2000 about certain
Internet content, namely:

a message with subject 'Agony in Pink 3 (4/5) - F/f, non-cons,
extreme torture, bondage, rape' posted to the newsgroup
alt.sex.stories on 6 December 1998 by darkranger@mailanon.com.

The ABA has investigated your complaint.  The Classification Board
has classified the Internet content RC in accordance with 1 (a) of
the Films Table of the National Classification Code.  The ABA is
satisifed that the Internet content is hosted outside Australia.

In accordance with the Internet Industry Association
code of practice for dealing with such content
(http://www.iia.net.au/index2.html), the content has been
referred to to the makers of approved filters listed in the code
of practice, for their attention and appropriate action.

Thank you for bringing this matter to the ABA's attention.
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