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The recent exchange of cryptographic munitions on the sub-continent, in
which Kashmir was overrun by an outbreak of the deadly PGP email
security package, has brought the spread of weapons of mass destruction
to the attention of the world.  Pakistan's promise yesterday, that the
Indian advantage in conventional supercomputing cryptanalysis would be
countered using Beowulf based clusters, has only exacerbated matters.

What is not known is that Australia has played a role in these events.
The deadly Cryptozilla program, instances of which have been reported
roaming the villages of the Punjab, eating small children and destroying
houses, is an Australian creation.

Officials from the Department of Dangerous Activities have claimed that
the export of Cryptozilla is a violation of the Wassenaar agreement and
have threatened to turn the perpetrators into pumpkins.  The Department
of Dangerous Activities has already had to intervene to prevent
Australian software companies selling lethal privacy programs to well
known international terrorist groups such as the World Health



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LAN magazine, June 1998 issue

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