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Daintree Mangroves Wildlife Sanctuary

This seemed like a largely one-man private animal collection and the guy running it was clearly an amateur. He blithely mentioned that he was maltreating a cassowary by leaving it without shade, for example, and told us how he'd put a quoll in with an existing pair who had killed it. And there was almost no information on the animals -- the signs give species identifications and nothing more.

an estuary (saltwater) crocodile

But we had an enjoyable visit, even though it was way too hot to be pleasant. Highlights included a big estuary crocodile, which was lurking just under the water right at the front of the pond until the keeper threw some stones in, squirrel gliders, quolls, and a good assortment of birds.

The Daintree Mangroves Wildlife Sanctuary is located on the Daintree road, north of Mossman and before the ferry. Other zoos/sanctuaries in the area include the Rainforest Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary (in Port Douglas) and Cairns Tropical Zoo (north of Cairns).
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