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Tom Brennan - NSW walks and books
John Chapman - books, tips, and more
Anthony Dunk - Wollemi, Dharug, & other NPs north of Sydney
Elsewhere - living in Alice Springs
Allan Mikkelson - bushwalking, trekking, and mountaineering
Dave Noble - the SUBW member, not the NPWS ranger!

News/Link Archive

Australia's gas market is totally rigged - MichaelWest
"even in the US it is recognised that monopolies need to be regulated"
a good chance cleaning up Peabody's Australian coal mines will end up being paid for by the government - MichaelWest
Australian Green finance policy is just neoliberal capitalism done better - MB
Australia is fine with illegal immigrants, it only hates legal asylum seekers - GlobalPost
Australia switched to decimal currency fifty years ago - SMH
it's going to be easy to lose your Australian citizenship - NewMatilda
Australia has indefinite copyright for unpublished works - SMH
rookie independent Australian politician has learned on the job - SaturdayPaper [via @seancarmody]
the housing crash we had to have: the Australian bubble - Prosper
medical ethics and the Australian Border Force Act - FairerSociety
Tony Abbott wants to be able to make Australians stateless, by ministerial fiat - SMH
linguistic and genetic evidence for Australian baobab history - Conversation - PLOSONE
a Tasmanian bakery is a destination for Japanese fans of Kiki's Delivery Service - TransformativeWorks
"class" has been removed from public discourse in Australia - Monthly
why Starbucks failed in Australia - Vice
Australia is now the Saudi Arabia of the South Pacific - Slate
the Australian Tax Office rules that bitcoin is a commodity rather than a currency - ATO
not the world's most liveable city if you need to go to the toilet - Crikey
Australian law enforcement wants your metadata - Guardian
two Europeans adopted by Aborigines in the mid-19th century - ABC
Australia has "a gambler's addiction to roads" - Age
"road agencies and other road project proponents in industry and the community spend next to no effort examining what problems their projects and plans are trying to solve, other than the perceived problem that they do not have enough road funding"
Australia: betraying the helpless to torture and murder - HeathenScripture
how Australia's largest coal-mining company avoids paying any tax - SMH
compared to Europe, renters in Australia (or the UK) have no rights - Choice [via Robert]
slow but steady improvements to central Sydney for pedestrians and cyclists - SydneyCycleways
17 of Australia's best bookshops - BuzzFeed
add goannas to Australia's dangerous wildlife - SouthImage
(cows kill as many people in the UK as all of Australia's "dangerous" animals put together)
not much is known about marsupial lions - Monbiot
why Morwell is burning - SaturdayPaper
Australian Heatwaves: Hotter, Longer, More Often - ClimateCouncil
the bushfire damage at the Wollangambe and Mt Wilson - FatCanyoners
links between global warming and bushfires - ClimateScience
The claim that "a specific fire event as seen in the Blue Mountains in the last week is not caused by global warming" is nonsense, except with a terribly naive idea of causality.
the history of Australian property prices - MacroBusiness
background on the Indi election result - TheHoopla
Barry Jones on asylum seekers - Conversation
"The dehumanisation of refugees is our greatest moral stain since the campaigns to hunt down and kill Aborigines."
Australia interns pregnant women in malaria-ridden concentration camps - Age
who will be the bastardest? - FirstDog
it's the Kowmung and the Shoalhaven and the Geehi I eucalypt for - FatCanyoners
ending the great Australian complacency - Age
for some purposes, Australia is no longer part of Australia - Conversation
could Iran just "excise" its reactor sites from the legislation implementing the Non-Proliferation Treaty?
100% renewable energy is feasible for Australia - BusinessSpectator
the politics of alcohol in Alice Springs - Inside
Alice Springs [my review]
an end-user view of the Australian National Broadband Network - Wyres [via Matty]
prejudice against refugees in Australia - Age
nonsense in support of data retention laws - Crikey
solar power and off-peak electric car charging - SMH [via @StephenMa]
wind now cheaper than coal or gas in Australia - Bloomberg
religious discrimination: why is Gillard even talking to nutcase Wallace? - SMH
genome data suggests Indian gene flow to Australia 4000 years ago - SciDaily - PNAS
Australia's opposition on climate change: lying through their teeth or just incredibly stupid? - Conversation
coal seam gas addicts attack science - GlobalMail [via StephenMa]
there's a reason Australia has got rid of its 1c and 2c coins - xkcd
Sydney is building some cycling infrastructure! - SydneyCycleways
Australia's energy is becoming less carbon-intensive - Age
moving to Alice Springs - Inside
in the UK, Volleys cost £40! - Dunlop
some proper questioning of Australia's likely next prime minister - ABC
rhetoric trumps reality on migration and the carbon tax - ABC
a new report on the economics of Australian power generation - ABC
wind cheapest by 2020, solar by 2030
why is a Green politician calling for lower power prices? - ABC
does Australia have a housing shortage or not? - AFR
stupid anti-science depressingly popular in Australia - Age
census finds 300,000 fewer Australians than expected - Age
lessons from the Trio Capital fraud - NewM
the bears are circling Australia - CNBC
but how probable are these worst-case outcomes?
High Court upholds iiNet victory in copyright case - Suzor
Australia has low-doc mortgage fraud too - SMH
could it be 2120 before Melbourne houses return to 2010 real prices? - MB
it took 110 years from the 1890 peak
yes, Sydney should revive the terrace! - Domain
Australia's carbon tax needs to be high enough to stop brown coal development! - Age
the Australian "State of the Climate" - CSIRO
failing to reform Australia's classification/censorship system - GeordieGuy
Sydney-siders should come to sunny - and mostly dry - England - SMH
should elephants and rhinos be introduced to Australia? - Guardian
a first-hand account of the First Fleet and the foundation of Sydney - 1788 [my review]
I had one of the earliest personal web sites in Australia - RogerClarke
Australia to charge polluters for their carbon emissions - Bloomberg
huge government subsidies for coal power stations in NSW - ClimateSpectator
psychology helped find HMAS Sydney - ResearchDigest [via PeterMartin]
an article on Blue Mountains canyoning - NationalGeographic
an "it's complicated" option for gender on Australian passports - BBC [via Mertz]
bicycle helments and thalidomide - WarOnTheMotorist
it's as if half the Australian media were run by flat-earthers - Conversation
Australian High Court stops refugees being sent to Malaysia - Guardian
the Australian debate over bicycle helmet laws - Conversation
helmet laws kill bike-sharing programs - Grist
"Dublin has 450 bikes versus Melbourne's 600, but its fleet clocks 5,000 trips per day, while Melbourne's barely manages 70"
a carbon tax will boost jobs and growth in Sydney - SMH
Victorian government endorses medical quackery - BetterHealth
more fact-free "science" from the Australian - Deltoid
household electricity consumption in NSW has declined 2% per year for four years - ABC
Tony Abbott has abandoned economic rationalism as well as science - CanberraTimes [via Hidden]
a guide to Australia's far left - Slackbastard
some thirty odd different groups - right out of Monty Python
gun madness in New South Wales - SMH
"children younger than 12 would be allowed to own and shoot high-powered air rifles"
Paul Keating on the carbon tax - YT
no plans to scrap the Australian 5c coin - ABC
the UK really should get rid of its 1p and 2p coins
Australia to remove cigarette-packet advertising - NewSci
Australian solar power stations - ABC
photos of Australian coal train crash - Sentimental
do bikeways increase property prices? - Crikey
but who'd trust a real-estate agents opinion on this?
the politics of means-testing welfare in Australia - SMH
what Australians actually earn - ABC
"the median earnings of all employees is $44,146 per year"
it's not safe to take newborn babies out in trendy parts of NSW - News
whooping cough vaccination rates have dropped too low
Sydney's cultural demographics - JPG
solar scheme shows why Australia needs a carbon tax and not ad hoc government subsidies - SMH
Australian treatment of asylum-seekers is brutal - NewMatilda
housing insulation program fire risk was a furphy - Crikey
a carbon abatement cost curve for Australia - MacroB
Antony Green on the three-way fight over Balmain - ABC
I'm glad I went to the trouble of voting from Arusha
the confusion that is climate change denial - ABC
"if there was a real case against a significant human influence on climate, why is so much of what passes for public debate based on fabrication?"
Australian hysteria about a carbon tax is ridiculous - ABC [via Ethos]
I hope everyone in Cairns and Townsville is battened down - BOM
before/after aerial photos of Brisbane floods - ABC
Australia: the last epic bubble - SeekingAlpha [via Bubble]
Brisbane floods could reach 5 metres - ABC
the Wivenhoe dam had better not fail
six Australian birds declared extinct - SciAm
Australian bookshops versus online sellers - FlyFalcon
80% of Emerald is under water - ABC
is Australian sovereign debt really riskier than Britain's? - Economist
Ross Gittins: limited gains for Australians from migration - SMH
the Australian keeps publishing shonky climate change stories - Deltoid
a British view of Australian parliament - FT
great Australian water myths - ABC
we really need to stop un- or marginally productive uses
Australia's last big property bubble ended in 1891 - DailyReckoning
getting the cars out of Sydney - SMH
it'll need a big culture-change to make it cycle-friendly, though
Australian housing: bubble waiting for a prick - Unconventional
a retrospective on six years in Alice Springs - Elsewhere
BHP boss calls for price on carbon - ABC
the ABC's Four Corners is a mouthpiece for the Cato Institute - ABC
NSW has the lowest Green vote of the Australian states/territories - ABC
boats and the Australian election - BatteriesRedux
does lyme disease exist in Australia? - SMH
NSW schools might get ethics as an alternative to scripture - SMH
last year I spent a day in Emerald, in central Queensland - Emerald travelogue
occupations and voting patterns in Australia - Crikey
training quolls not to eat cane toads - ABC
I've finished "Wordpressing" my - Australian Bookshop Directory
if anyone has any contributions that would be great!
writeup of a weekend away in 2008 - Kangaroo Valley
the metro proposal for Sydney is just stupid - EcoTransit
90+% of Australians support abortion, 57% on demand - SMH
many Australian homes eligible for $1600 of free ceiling insulation - InsulationRebate
Sydney is 70% the area of Oxfordshire
and the Sydney Statistical Division is 450% the area!
Tsunami Watch Number 1 for Australia - BOM [via @MarkNewton]
asking the Australian Tax Office to support cross-platform tax filing - PetitionOnline
Bundanoon moves to ban bottled water - SMH
Labor versus the Greens in inner-city Melbourne - Age
competition in Australia's international network links - AusIT
if lost in the bush, don't expect help from 000 - SMH
Sydney's old night soil laneways up for sale - WhereILive
8 square metres in Surry Hills went for $41,000...
Aboriginal rock art in Royal National Park - Les Bursill
we did a tour with Les, which was great
Australian household debt - ABS
"Between September 1990 and September 2008, the ratio of total household debt to assets held by households rose from 9% to 19%"
The Photographs of Baldwin Spencer [review]
the Simpson Desert's Waddi trees - ABC
Australia offers students visa to work in Indonesia - SMH
but maintains "reconsider your need to travel" advisory
satellite imagery of the recent southern Australian heat wave - NASA [via /.]
Australian backyards are disappearing - SMH
"You could double the Australian housing density and save your backyard by making the front yard smaller and building two storeys"
an overview of last Saturday's bushfires, and some personal stories - Australian [via Barista] - Age
"Incredibly, by 6pm, no one within the war room had yet received any confirmation that lives had been lost."
death toll from Victorian fires approaches 200 - Age
I've been too horrified by this to blog about it before
photos and notes from a Kosciuszko trip - Round Mountain to Jagungal
NSW country towns try to stay alive by offering $1/week rents - ABC
Australian house prices need to halve to become affordable - NewGeography - Demographia [PDF]
and Sydney prices have to drop by 60% to return the median price/media wage ratio to its long-term average
fighting to stop old-growth logging in Tasmania - Australian
walk writeups from two and four years ago - Corang Peak - Barrington Tops
a Tolkienesque remapping of Australia - Strange
photos and notes from a recent bushwalk - the Box Vale Track
an online bush navigation course - aburke
a gloomy perspective on Australian housing - Bloomberg
"Prices in the property market will fall 30% by 2010... Australia is headed for a once-in-100-year real-estate slump"
the flaws of the Australian network censorship trial - ThinkOfTheChildren
a new blog about leeches - Bdellanea [via SUBW]
horses, cows, and dogs are the most dangerous animals in Australia - SMH
"Two people were killed when their cars struck emus, another person died after a vehicle struck a sheep, and an elderly person died after tripping over a pet cat."
20kg savannah cats to be let loose in Australia?! - SMH
haven't we learnt anything from our experiences with cane toads, rabbits, and suchlike?
The extraordinary story of Australian marsupials - A Fragile Balance [review]
a new project for me, a directory of Glebe
Glebe Log
if you live in the area and you'd like to contribute, get in touch
the ANZAC connection with Palestine - EI
I've launched my new travelogue site - Wandering Danny
an obituary for barefoot bushwalker Dot Butler - SMH
$280 billion to cut Australia's carbon emissions by 60% by 2050 - SMH
or so claims the NSW state government, trying to protect its coal power stations - and even this is barely $1000 per person, spread over twenty years!
fish are used to monitor Sydney's water quality - SMH
photos (mostly flowers) from a recent bushwalk - Wog Wog
commonly typoed Australian tourist destinations - SMH
Tiger Air offers Australians cheaper flights: $18 Perth to Singapore - SMH
extensive fires in Sydney's Blue Mountains - RFS [via SUBW]
today is Sydney's coldest November day in over a century - SMH
koalas are not always cute - ABC [via SUBW]
"come mating time, koalas morph into aggressive, smelly creatures that you'd never want to cuddle in a million years"
stingray barbs are dangerous - Kayaker
"crocodile man" Steve Irwin has been killed by one
I've just done a two day remote first aid course - AllAidFirstAid
(it was excellent, so if you're in NSW I recommend the company)
an interactive atlas of NSW wildlife - NPWS
the Great Barrier Reef lives up to the hype - Wiki
though I only saw small bits of two reefs, a fraction of the 2000km Reef
photos of a snake eating a kangaroo - Scribblybum [via JWalk]
finally some rain in Sydney's water supply catchment! - BOM
that's the Wollondilly, Coxs, and Nattai rivers
photos with my new telephoto lens - Darter - Eastern Water Dragon
my report on a Kowmung bushwalk - Howling Dingo
photos from my last bushwalk - danny [temporary]
thumbnails are linked to larger images, though not all of those are up yet
a Tasmanian Devil FAQ - TasGov
a writeup of a camera testing bushwalk - Bouddi National Park
today was Sydney's hottest October day on record: 38.2C - BOM
I've finished the writeup of my central NSW tour - with photos
the best Japanese gardens in Australia - JGarden
an ecological overview - Australian Marine Habitats in Temperate Waters [review]
an American's view of Australian Aborigines - HeadHeeb [via Far]
a short bushwalk on the Shoalhaven - downstream from Tallowa Dam
includes a rare photo of me (obscured by campfire smoke)
photos from a bushwalk - Royal National Park
we saw whales, eagles and kestrels, but the photos are of cliffs and rock formations
Australian Aboriginal meteorology - Indigenous Weather Knowledge [via ASAONET]
Indian Mynas are overrunning Australia - ABC
I'm going bushwalking over Easter - Kosciuszko National Park [2002 walk]
so there will be no updates here until Monday
sailing across the desert - SMH
a trip across Australia's rarely full Lake Eyre
some Australian ant photos - MiyakyoU
Predator's guide to drain exploration - CAT
an easy daywalk north of Scone - Burning Mountain
a burning coal seam produces a pseudo-volcano
the Great Barrier Reef will be dead by 2050 - ABC [via Kos]
due to the effects of rising sea temperatures
remarkable marsupials: a photo gallery - Marsupial CRC
some notes on the hiking gear I use - bushwalking equipment
I did a short walk last weekend in the mountains - Mount Solitary
an American geologist in Australia - Steve Lonker
Chris Collier has photos from walks around Sydney - Gerkin Press
a writeup of my Easter bushwalk (hike) - Wild Dog Mountains
archaeological finds suggest some Australian Aborigines farmed, traded - SMH
they "farmed eels... modified more than 100 square kilometres of the landscape... exported their produce"
a dramatic firsthand account of the Canberra fires - Bernard Robertson-Dunn [via Link]
"all our fences had gone, electricity cables were sparking in the wind, gas mains were exploding"
brief writeup with photos - a three-day Snowy bushwalk
some photos from my recent trip - the Kosciuszko Lakes Walk
"Peace" theme for New Year's fireworks over Sydney Harbour - SMH
and they moved one of the launch points so we had a perfect view five metres from our front door!
Australia has a "National Public Toilet Map" - toiletmap.gov.au [only works in Windows IE, NN4.7]
Sydney still surrounded by fires - SMH - ABC
one minor effect: my modem connection keeps dropping out, so updates here may be less frequent
fires around Sydney causing power failures - SMH
and in the middle of it all, through the haze, a partial solar eclipse! - photo [Robert Beveridge]
another short bushwalk - the Box Vale Track
a write-up of my last bushwalk - Mount Paralyser [with photos] - bushwalking

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