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Guthega Power Station, Schlink Pass, Duck Creek

a micro-dam feeding the aqueduct

Vic in action with camera
A bit of a road bash.

Camilla and I had driven down the day before (Boxing Day) and stayed in a Jindabyne Bed&Breakfast (the Sonnblick Lodge). So we had an easy drive up to Guthega Power Station to meet Vic at 9am. We were walking by 9.20.

Rather than taking the main road we followed the aqueduct track, which follows an underground aqueduct that collects water from small side-streams and takes it up to near Schlink Pass. It was hot early, then cloudy. The march flies that were to pester us for pretty much the entire trip made their appearance early.

At Schlink Hut we met 17 members of the Catholic Bushwalking Club who were planning to camp at Valentine's Hut. So we stopped a few kilometres before there and camped on Duck creek, just a hundred metres or so off the fire trail. We put up tent and fly just in time for a brief shower, which we sat out under Vic's fly, drinking hot soup.

hiding from a brief shower

Duck Creek

water ripples

It soon cleared, and after dinner we went for a wander down Duck Creek.

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