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Valentine Creek and Tarn Bluff

Mostly off track.

We walked past Valentine's Hut, over Valentine Creek, and a kilometre and a bit up the fire trail. Then it was off into the scrub, cuttting across to the Big Bend.

Vic, armoured against flies

a water skink

Cup and Saucer above Valentine Creek

After being clear and hot early on, some clouds came over as we climbed up between Tarn Bluff and Cup and Saucer to the tarn.

the tarn, nestled between Cup and Saucer, Mailbox Hill, and Tarn Bluff

After a leisurely lunch at the tarn, we went down to the Valentine and across to Mawson's Hut. There were quite a few people camping there, so after a cup of hot soup we went upstream a little on the Valentine and camped there (in a bit of a bog). There were ant nests nearby and a few mosquitoes around, so Vic put up his tent as well as the fly.

we set up camp at 5pm

a portrait of the bushwalker

we pack up at 7am the next day

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