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Patricia Clay

	As to the professional stuff: I'm  a recent Ph.D. from Indiana
University. I did my fieldwork in Venezuela with small-scale fishers
and cooperatives. I taught for a year at IUPUI in Indianapolis, and
currently work for the National Marine Fisheries Service, the
government agency that oversees regulation of marine fishing.  I'm
based at the Northeast Fisheries Science Center in Woods Hole, MA.
Before grad school, I did a stint as as member of the Planning Dept. of
a regional development corporation in Venezuela.

	Other stuff: I got into anthropology at least in part because
we lived abroad a lot when I was growing up -- Ghana, France, Venezuela
(which was how I chose my fieldwork site).  I love to sing (art song,
opera, folk music, spirituals). I read science fiction and fantasy
compulsively (from cyberpunk to classics like Asimov and Bradbury and
C.L. Moore to sword & sorcery).  In between I read poetry, social
theory, anything by J.D.  Salinger or autobiographical writings by
Richard Feinman, and whatever else happens to catch my fancy. I speak
Spanish and French, and originally planned to be a linguistic
anthropologist, not a applied fisheries person -- shows how life turns
out unexpectedly! I love to cook and bake, but tend to be lazy about
food on a day to day basis, saving my efforts for family feasts and
dinner parties.

	Guess that covers the basics!

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