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John H. Langdon

I am a biologist anthropologist (Yale PhD 1984) employed in a biology
department teaching anatomy to physical therapists. I was strongly
influenced in high school by books of Loren Eisley, Robert Ardrey, and
Desmond Morris. Thus when I lost interest in biochemistry and was
really turned on by a course on anthropology of religion by Evon Vogt,
I changed to anthro. Although I call myself a paleoanthropologist/
functional anatomist, I would prefer to think of myself as somewhat of
a generalist with interests and teaching overlapping the three primary
subfields and many outside of anthro.  However, it is hard to be a
generalist these days. I have spent 10 years trying to live down my
dissertation -- I don't only do feet! My compromise has been to try to
draw together my interests in my teaching. Thank goodness for small
liberal arts schools that encourage disciplinary breadth and teaching.

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