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Mike Lieber

Mike Lieber, Associate prof. at University of Illinois at Chicago (but
worked at U. of Washington, Nevada, Oregon, College of Micronesia, and
Bryn Mawr).  Am Jewish, though I learned most of what I know about it
from my father, who did n't practice ritual, but had a huge library and
read incessantly.  I also learne d my love of competitive argumentation
from him, as he trained me from an early age in a kind of partnership.
When I became an anthropologist, his life was complete, 'cause now we
could argue from better defined positions.  I grew up with music and
have played as an amateur and a professional since age 11, starting
with accordion, then trombone (for trad jazz), then strings--guitar,
banjo, andolin, autoharp, harp, dulcimer, langelik, balalaika, bandura,
and string bass and bass guitar.  I've continued playing all these
years, mainly in bands but some solo work--clubs, bars, radio, TV, one
film, but only one record, and theater.  These days, I play bass in a
bluegrass band.  I'm married with two sons--14 and 11, both musicians,
baseball players, and thoroughly delightful human beings.  I coach
Little League baseball (and have coached some football) and have just
completed a parents' manual for coaching really young kids.  I'm an
enthusiastic cyclist, commuting 7.5 miles to work on a bike except on
the worst days.  I do bicycle repair and build bikes as a hobby,
usually for neighborhood kids and friends a who can't afford a real
repair person.

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