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Peter J. Nebergall

Both Archaeological and Ethnographic experience & publications, author
of visual ethnography HARD CORE (1997) and many essays.  Many
unpublished manuscripts of anthropological interest.  Experienced
photographer.  Academic specialism:  Industrialisation, and its
consequences.  Currently writing an anthropological novel: THE COLOR OF
HIS COAT. Unemployed for the last four years, currently a "consultant"
for the National Federation of the Blind.

A member of the "demon breed", he is a (gasp!  Horrors!) white male
over forty, of German ethnicity (father) and Scots Borderer ethnicity
too (Jeez, can I be both?).  His wife Sandra is a veteran British
social worker/researcher, whose work has been in the area of children,
drugs, and violence.

He has an oversupply of dogs, cats, unpublished manuscripts, addresses,
and e-mail accounts.  And an undersupply of meaningful work...

P.J.Nebergall, PhD
307 East Ash #36
Columbia, MO 65201  USA

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