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Julian O'Dea

I'm Julian O'Dea (Julian is a boy's name).
I have posted numerous times on Anthro-L,
finding it one of the best lists I have ever
been on.

I am trained as a biologist and have
a Ph.D. in physiology.  I am a 
Departmental Visitor at the Australian
National University, Department of Archaeology
and Anthropology, but I make my living
working for the Australian Government;
in science policy at present.

I have published formally on: animal
welfare policy, neurology of a 
New Testament miracle account,
red cell biochemistry, mammalian
physiology, insectan sensory
behaviour, ultraviolet light
levels in rainforest, & human biology; my
latest paper, on the sociology
of "deviant" religious practice,
should appear soon. This is co-

I write book reviews occasionally
for a Catholic paper.  I have written
a couple of press articles, including
one on children's confectionery, in the
ironic style I enjoy using.

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