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Andrew Turner

I have a B.A. in anthropology from the University of Wisconsin.  I
wrote my senior thesis on the importance of using cultural context in
evaluating indigenous technologies (in this case specifically raised
fields in the Lake Titicaca Basin of Peru and Bolivia).  I am a
practicing anthropologist and I currently work in a small NGO in
southern Bolivia.  My latest project is the study of coca use among the
Guaran!.  I have various interests but the overall idea that gets my
blood pumping is change.  I am interested in broad trends like the
begining of agriculture, cities, war, or just about anything that you
can say involves a group of people and that somehow or other was
"invented" in human history.  How do people make broad changes?  What
factors cause groups to change the entire nature of their social
organization?  How much of this process is accidental and how much is
planned?  Of course this all goes on and on, but thatos the general
idea.  I am also interested in studying sports from an anthropological

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