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Charter for aus.religion and aus.religion.christian

This charter covers both aus.religion and aus.religion.christian (henceforth AR and ARC). It is normative, but should be seen as offering guidelines rather than hard-and-fast rules.

First of all, note that the dividing line between the two groups has nothing to do with the beliefs of the poster -- atheists, Jews, Buddhists, etc. are welcome in ARC and Christians in AR. The division between the two is solely on content, and is fairly simple: anything whose primary subject is Christianity or some aspect of Christianity belongs in ARC; anything else to do with religion or religions belongs in AR.

For the purposes of this document, "Christian" is to be interpreted in the widest sense, with self-ascription as the primary criteria. This does not imply anything about usage elsewhere, and it is likely that who really "qualifies" as Christians will be a common topic of discussion in ARC!

Other topics that would belong in ARC include (but are not limited to):

Topics that would belong in AR include (but are not limited to):



Crossposts between AR and ARC should be limited, otherwise there is no point having separate groups. If you do crosspost, please consider directing followups (by putting a Followups-To: line in the header of your post) to one of the groups only. Examples of appropriate topics for cross-posts would include:

Relationship to other newsgroups

Despite the aus.* prefix, general discussion (ie with no specific relevance to Australia) on the appropriate topics is welcome in both AR and ARC (please pick the appropriate one). It is understood that people may choose to post to AR or ARC rather than to talk.religion.misc or {soc,alt}.religion.christian simply because they wish for a more intimate discussion amongst fellow Australians (who seem to be, on the average, less polemical and more open-minded than overseas posters). It is requested that you do not cross-post general discussion to the wider religious groups (alt.atheism, alt.religion.christian, etc.). Similarly people from outside Australia are requsted not to post to AR or ARC unless a) they are expatriates or have some connection with Australia or b) they are posting material specific to Australia (such as a query about Aboriginal religion or the status of ordination of women in Australia).

talk.abortion and talk.origins

Debate on abortion and creationism is not encouraged in AR and ARC, since talk.abortion and talk.origins exist for this purpose. If you must post on these subjects, then aus.religion is probably the appropriate group (since creationism is not a specifically Christian doctrine, and many religions take a stance on abortion). If the subject is purely internal to Christianity then aus.religion.christian might be more appropriate -- examples would include announcement of a Church support group for women who have had abortions or discussion of the theological status of Christian creation "science".


If you are a Christian really keen on "flaming for Jesus", then alt.atheism is probably a better place to look than aus.religion -- they keep the fires stoked much hotter there!

aus.flame and alt.flame

These are other groups flamers should consider using instead of AR and ARC.


Some questions are clearly political as well as religious - topics related to separation of Church and State most prominently. Debate on these could reasonably be cross-posted to AR and aus.politics.

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