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sci.anthropology.paleo Charter

Last changed 24th January 1995.


sci.anthropology.paleo is for the discussion of the evolution of the genus Homo, and more generally of the primates. Some of the topics appropriate to the group include:

Some popular subjects that would find a place in sci.anthropology.paleo:


Often it is easier to define something by explaining what it isn't, or by looking at its boundaries with similar entities. An example of this from biology is the Biological Species Concept, where species are defined in terms of the mechanisms separating them from other species (Ernst Mayr, 1969b); in anthropology the nature of the boundaries between different groups is often critical to their self-identification (Frederik Barth, Ethnic Groups and Boundaries, 1969). So in order to explain what belongs in sci.anthropology.paleo a discussion of its boundaries with "neighbouring" newsgroups may help. Please note that the above are only guidelines. Posters should use their own discretion, but they are encouraged to think carefully about both the Newsgroups: and Followup-To: lines of their posts. I can't imagine a sensible crosspost to sci.anthropology.paleo and comp.os.research, but I wouldn't want to rule out the possibility a priori.

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