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Adsense: ad sizes compared

In practice you should choose the Adsense ad format which fits your site layout best (and of course where on the page you put the ads and the color scheme you choose are also critical). But it's interesting to compare how much space the different format ad blocks take up, both absolutely and per ad: the "densest" ads occupy half the space of the sparsest!

Sizes are in thousands of pixels. The different formats can be viewed on the Google AdSense Ad formats page.

FormatUnit sizeAdsAd sizeFont sizes
Banner (468x60)2821411/10
Vertical Banner (120x240)28.8214.411/11
Button (125x125)15.6115.611/11
Leaderboard (728x90)65.5416.411/10
Skyscraper (120x600)7241813/13
Medium Rectangle (300x250)75418.811/11
Wide Skyscraper (160x600)96519.213/13
Square (250x250)62.5320.812/11
Large Rectangle (336x280)94.1423.511/11
Small Rectangle (180x150)2712712/12

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