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Banyu Gunung Salju

Location: School of Music, University of Canterbury, Christchurch

Instruments: Balinese Gong Kebyar (2 Gong, 1 Kempur,1 Bende, 1 Kemong, 1 Trompong, 1 Riyong, 2 Ugal, 4 Pemade, 4 Kantilan, 2 Calung, 2 Jegogan, 1 Kempli, 1 Cengceng wicik, 7 Cengceng kopyak, 2 Kendang gupekan, 4 Suling)

Repertoire: Baris Gilak Dung, Baris Dance, Topeng Keras, Jauk Dance

Contact: Elaine Dobson (, Phone: 3 364 2609

Website: University of Canterbury

The gamelan was made by Wayan Redana in Klungkung (Tihingan) and Denpasar, Bali in 1995 and arrived in Christchurch just in time for Christmas. A special naming and blessing ceremony was held in April this year and we gave our first public performance on October 10th in the Great Hall of the Arts Centre. Wayan Sadra (from Tirta Sari, Peliatan), danced Topeng and Jauk and his young son danced Baris.

In 1997 Gamelan will be offered for credit towards a Mus.B or B.A. in the same way that Chamber Music, Wind ensemble, Orchestra and Choir are. A full year's course for the Christchurch School of Music will also be offered. This involves people from the wider based community with ages ranging from 9 to 25 years.