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Javanese & Balinese Gamelan in Australia & New Zealand

Gamelan Groups

Banyu Gunung Salju (University of Canterbury)
Giri Jaya (Toowoomba)
Kyahi Jatidiri (Queensland Conservatorium)
Langen Suka (Sydney)
Nyi Gemi Raras (University of Melbourne)
Padhang Moncar (Victoria University of Wellington)
PERMAI (Melbourne)
Puspa Wresti (Brisbane)
Novo Kasatria (Newcastle)
Sekehe Gong Tirta Sinar/Gong Dharma Bali (Sydney)
Songket (Sydney, Sundanese)
Suara Jaya (Sydney, Balinese)
Swara Naga (University of New England)
Taniwha Jaya (Victoria University of Wellington)
Javanese (Indonesian consulate, Perth)
University of Otago
There are also groups at Flinders University (Sekar Laras), at Charles Darwin University, and at the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra and the Canberra School of Music.
There's a printed magazine Swara Bendhe devoted to Australasian gamelan - subscription form (PDF).



Tabuh Pacific (Ode Record Company 1996 CD MANU 1514)
Gamelan Padhang Moncar performs seven new works by New Zealand composers.
22 Gamelan Favourites from Java (Music World 1996 WM-CD-082).
This has no credits, but is actually a performance by Kyai Kebo Giro and the Sydney University Gamelan Society


sounds from around the world - SoundCloud
a new gamelan font - Kraton Jogja

Local Resources

Some Javanese gamelan notation (prepared by Vi King Lim for Langen Suka).

Book Reviews

Forthcoming review: Richard Pickvance's superb A Gamelan Manual

Other book reviews - Java, music, and Indonesia categories

Other Sites

If you are after a general gamelan discussion list, check out the gamelan-l mailing list.

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