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A collaboration between Australian and Indonesian musicians from Sydney Songket plays both traditional and original music on the instruments from the Sundanese gamelan degung, a small ensemble including saron (metallophone), bonang (gong chimes), jengglong (bass gongs), gong, kendang (set of Sundanese drums), suling (bamboo flute) and kacapi (pron. kechapi) (zither). These instruments are also combined with keyboard, flute, bass and various percussion. The traditional music of the gamelan degung creates a soothing meditative ambience for any occasion.

Taking its inspiration from the music and culture of Indonesia, particularly that of the Sundanese of West Java, the group Songket (ex-Arafura) formed in 1997 to bring together musicians of varying backgrounds to weave their golden tapestry of sounds with lyrical melodies and pulsating rhythms. Their wide range of experiences and styles combine in playing Margaret Bradley's original spellbinding compositions inspired by Indonesian music and culture. Their repertoire includes traditional Sundanese arrangements as well as new collaborations which have grown from the dialogue between cultures.

Songket has performed at a range of events including the 2002 New Year's Eve White Party, Festival of Asian Music and Dance at Sydney Opera House, Sydney Morning Herald's Good Food Month's Noodle Markets, Marrickville Festival, Government House and various benefit concerts.

Songket are Margaret Bradley, Ani Rajagukguk, Jane Ngui, Ron Reeves, Donny Sunjana, Deva Permana and Debra Anderson.

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