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Daintree accommodation
Crocodylus Village YHA

Crocodylus Village YHA is a great place. There's a big central building with common facilities and an open eating area. When we first turned up there were bandicoots wandering around, happily sniffing people's feet.

the eating area
a bandicoot

The accommodation is in buildings reached by paths through pretty much intact rainforest. We paid $70/night (as cheap as anything in the Daintree) for a huge cabin which had a double bed with a mosquito net, six double bunks (useful for putting stuff on, since there were no tables or other furniture), and a toilet and shower (with local gas heating which took us a while to figure out).

A canteen serves breakfasts and dinners, though only at restricted hours, and the food was pretty good. There are also cooking facilities, and we were advised to store all our food there, since any food in the huts would attract native mice.

Being out in the rainforest, there were some very strange noises in the night -- we think they were jungle fowl, but they sounded just like someone being murdered or raped. As far as people went the hostel was fairly quiet -- the raucous party scene with the trendy backpackers seems to be up at Cape Tribulation.

There's a three kilometre loop walk at the back of the hostel. Organised events (which we didn't go on) include a half-day kayak and a night walk.

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