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Knights Deck, Breakfast Creek, Carlon Head


It was really misty in the morning: there were no views and the tent and fly were extremely damp.

campsite in the morning

still life

mist amid the trees

We made a good pace from Splendour Rock down to the main track, back through Mobbs Swamp, and out along the Blue Dog track. We stopped at Knights Deck for lunch, with some excellent views, and then came the long descent down to the Coxes river.

There were several parties camped at the Coxes River/Breakfast Creek junction. We went upstream to the Frying Pan clearing, a huge flat grassy area that we had all to ourselves.


Breakfast Creek
In a five day Three Peaks attempt, this would have been the easiest day of all, but with our much easier trip it was now the hardest.

Walking up Breakfast Creek is really pleasant, with the track crossing backwards and forwards. The climb up Carlon Creek is less fun - lots of nettles (I was the only one wearing shorts) and obvious signs of civilisation, though we didn't run across any people till we reached the road. There were about twenty cars parked in the Dunphy car park at Green Gully.

For some reason I had only remembered the easier bits of the climb up Carlon Head - I'd forgotten about the most vertical section, with the sheer drop on either side. So that was a bit of a surprise, and it took us a while getting up.

climbing Carlon Head

climbing Carlon Head

a mushroom

Then it was along the track to the Fire Tower, followed by the 7km or so haul back along the fire trail to the car. We had dinner in the Journey Cafe in Katoomba.

Danny on top of the world

dinner in a Katoomba cafe

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