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Sheep and sheep-farming

Sheep are still an important part of Australia's economy, as they are in many of the countries I have visted, in Iceland, New Zealand, Scotland, and Mongolia.

So I'd like to read a comparative history of sheep worldwide, covering their economic and social significance. There's no shortage of animal husbandry and veterinary science books, but no general history seems to exist, only regional studies.

I think I've found it! M.L. Ryder's Sheep & Man (my review), which was first published in 1983 but reprinted this year.

My reading on the subject so far consists of:

And not so directly about sheep: Other books (links to Amazon) that look interesting include:
Sheep: The Remarkable Story of the Humble Animal that Built the Modern World (Amazon) looked like a popular version of the book I was after, but the author appears to have written a lot of crappy pseudo-history - The Goddess, the Grail and the Lodge and Solomon's Power Brokers: The Secrets of Freemasonry, the Church, and the Illuminati - so I rather suspect not.
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