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Links and News

An Atlas of Imaginary Lands - The Writer's Map [my review]
the challenges of being a tree - Trees: Their Natural History [my review]
a short novel of aging and memory, of pain, suffering, love and joy - Difficult Light [my review]
Blob Opera: a great distraction from the world! - Google
How Numerical Models Revealed the Secrets of Climate Change - Beyond Global Warming [my review]
searching for books in translation, by language - Publishers Weekly
entwined from antiquity - State and Religion in China: Historical and Textual Perspectives [my review]
short stories by Serge Pey - The Treasure of the Spanish Civil War [my review]
from the Safavids to Khomeini - Iran: A Modern History [my review]
Emily Wilson on Aeschylus' _Oresteia_ and its translations - LRB
a new look at the great Tang poets Li Bai and Tu Fu - NYROB
The Dutch Blueprint for Urban Vitality - Building the Cycling City [my review]

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Other Resources

I don't really follow the publishing industry, or the latest in book gossip - I prefer to wait till five or ten years after a book's publication, when the fuss has died down a little and a longer-term perspective is available. If you're after book news I recommend the Complete Review's Literary Saloon, which also has links to other literary weblogs.

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