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Links and News

Britain and the Industrial Revolution 1700-1850 - The Enlightened Economy [my review]
the polyjuice potion has worn off: "an exclusive school for quasi-aristocratic magical √úbermensch living off invisible slave labour" - UseJournal
reading complexity and constraints at six - Oxford Blog
the central ideas of mathematics, in their historical context - Mathematics and Its History [my review]
A Teachers' Manifesto - Flip the System UK [my review]
Betty Ballantine helped make science fiction and fantasy mainstream - Smithsonian
children's books and text complexity metrics - Oxford Blog
Vladimir Propp constructed a formal regular grammar in 1928 - Bactra
one of our teachers talks about the importance of storytelling - ReadingRealm
on reading and rereading Faulkner's _As I Lay Dying_ - LitHub [via @RipOffRed]
a reading of the Epic of Gilgamesh - YouTube
twenty years of books are coming out of US copyright - NYT

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Other Resources

I don't really follow the publishing industry, or the latest in book gossip - I prefer to wait till five or ten years after a book's publication, when the fuss has died down a little and a longer-term perspective is available. If you're after book news I recommend the Complete Review's Literary Saloon, which also has links to other literary weblogs.

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