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Links and News

Maps and Graphics That Will Change How You See the World - Atlas of the Invisible [my review]
Hiro Arikawa - The Travelling Cat Chronicles [my review]
how much medieval literature was lost? - Scientific American
some historical background on Ukrainian literature - Atlantic
The Volcanoes of the Solar System - Fire and Ice [my review]
an exceptionally gentle novel, a quiet romance - Autumn Rounds [my review]
from family comedy to the politics of partition - Tomb of Sand [my review]
A History of a Land, Its Regions and Their Peoples - The Pursuit of Italy [my review]
a novel of Kyrgyz tradition and contemporary tensions - Manaschi [my review]
making Madame Bovary's wedding cake - TORCH - Paris Review
John Le Carre an Irishman - Guardian
translating the jokes and puns in Asterix - Scroll

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Other Resources

I don't really follow the publishing industry, or the latest in book gossip - I prefer to wait till five or ten years after a book's publication, when the fuss has died down a little and a longer-term perspective is available. If you're after book news I recommend the Complete Review's Literary Saloon, which also has links to other literary weblogs.

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