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Links and News

a broad-ranging explanation of the importance of physical activity for health and well-being, based on conversations with scientists, public health experts, and politicians - The Miracle Pill [my review]
Albert Camus and colonial nostalgia - Jacobin
spare, minimalist stories of estrangement and communication failure - Everything Like Before [my review]
down and out in Tokyo and Fukushima - Tokyo Ueno Station [my review]
after 130 years, a new dictionary of ancient Greek! - Guardian
a fascinating survey with stunning photos - Jellyfish: A Natural History
"Do not go gentle into that good night" - @NationalTheatre
a surreal, Escher-like bookshop in Chengdu - Architectural Digest
"Who among us can be totally sure they have not had sex with an octopus?" - n+1
two exceptional medieval manuscripts were found by chance in 1934 - Medieval Manuscripts
two books on viruses and viral diseases - Viruses, Plagues and History + A Very Short Introduction [my review]
Understanding the Origin of the Vertebrates - Across the Bridge [my review]

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Other Resources

I don't really follow the publishing industry, or the latest in book gossip - I prefer to wait till five or ten years after a book's publication, when the fuss has died down a little and a longer-term perspective is available. If you're after book news I recommend the Complete Review's Literary Saloon, which also has links to other literary weblogs.

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