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The purpose of this group is to carry reviews of books.  A review
consists of commentary on a book by someone who has read the book
designed to help those who have not read it make an informed
decision as to whether or not to do so.  

This newsgroup is a moderated group.

The following materials appear in the group:

    - Reviews of written works
    - Descriptions of reviewer philosophy or background

The following are not appropriate for the group:
    - Discussion of books
    - Announcements of book availability
    - Advertisements and promotional materials
    - Requests that a particular book be reviewed

Reviewers who have a financial interest in the books they review
should state this fact in their reviews.


The current moderator is Miguel Farah F. .

Moderation policy:

The function of moderation is to ensure that only reviews and
related materials appear in the group.  

    - Reviews must contain some details.  For example, "XXX is a
      great book!" is not a review.
    - Posts will never be rejected on the basis of relevant      
      content, but the moderator would reject (for example) a post
      that pretended to be a book review of _Lord of the Rings_ but
      was actually an excuse for an anti-Armenian diatribe.
    - A review MUST clearly indicate the title, author and
      publisher of the book.  A book review SHOULD contain the
      length, publication date, ISBN, price, and subject or
      keywords.  The more bibliographic data the better.  No
      specific format will be required for this data, though some
      format may be encouraged. 
    - Posters should crosspost reviews into rec.arts.books or
      other relevant groups.  Followups should be directed to the
      appropriate group(s) (rec.arts.books if nowhere else is
      suitable).  The moderator may modify the Followup-To: header
      if necessary, perhaps after consultation with the author.
    - Reviews by people with vested interests will be permitted
      provided that they are substantive and that reviewers make
      explicit any financial connection they have with the subject
      of their review.  

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