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Welcome to sci.anthropology.paleo! The subject of this newsgroup is human and primate evolution. The group Charter and archives are accesible from the group's home page.


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  1. You don't seriously expect me to believe this garbage about man evolving from monkeys, do you?

    This kind of polemical question, or anything related (presumably from creationists), is not appropriate for this group. Please refrain from following up to such posts in sci.anthropology.paleo; direct the debate to talk.origins, which is where it belongs. (There is a talk.origins archive.)

  2. What is the Aquatic Ape Hypothesis?

    The Aquatic Ape Theory/Hypothesis (AAT or AAH) argues that the hominid lineages leading to Homo sapiens spent an evolutionarily significant period in an aquatic or semi-aquatic environment. This was first proposed by the marine biologist A.C. Hardy in 1960 ("Was man more aquatic in the past?" _New Scientist_ 7 1960, pp. 642-5), but has been popularised in recent years by Elaine Morgan. Her book _The Scars of Evolution_ is probably the best introduction to the theory. A report on a recent conference on the AAT is _Aquatic Ape: Fact or Fiction?_, Eds. Machteld Roede, Jan Wind, John Patrick, Vernon Reynolds, Souvenir Press 1991.

    The Aquatic Ape theory was the subject of extensive discussion in the USEnet groups sci.anthropology, talk.origins, sci.skeptic and sci.bio during 1993. It also made an appearance on the darwin-l and anthro-l lists.

  3. What is the evidence for the Aqatic Ape Hypothesis?
  4. What are the problems with the Aquatic Ape Hypothesis?
A volunteer to write these would be appreciated.


Thanks to all those who have contributed to this bibliograpy. Any help fleshing it out further would be most appreciated: basically provide publishing details and a brief summary of any books or articles accessible to the general reader.

Any comments on or suggestions for this FAQ are welcome.

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