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October 2002

Kuta Beach - October

A postcard I wrote in 1994 with the title "Avoiding Kuta Beach" has been getting a lot of traffic in the last few days... bombs weren't something I thought about at all eight years ago, but now it's hard not to - my gamelan has cancelled our study tour to Central Java.


Camilla and I spent the Christmas/New Year period travelling. First came three days in Batemans Bay, much of it spent bird-watching. Then we did two walks in the Snowy Mountains: a three day walk with Vic and the Kosciuszko lakes walk.

And we're planning a two and a half week trip to New Zealand in February. (Camilla just got back from North Island, and I visited central South Island last February, but this time we're going to Otago, Southland, and Fiordland.)


After three months of blogging, Pathologically Polymathic was averaging around 15 visitors a day... But then Robot Wisdom linked to me, and now I'm averaging over a 100 visitors a day.


I went along to a protest against Australian film censorship involving the sale of banned videos outside the Office of Film and Literature Classification.

I really liked the film My Mother India and that has inspired me to start writing more substantive film reviews.

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