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relying on air power is a military as well as a moral failure - Haaretz
"Absent high-quality intelligence and battle plans, the IDF chose massive fire at populated zones, with major harm to civilians."
new driveways are fine in the UK, bike sheds are not - Guardian
a Health & Safety perspective on cycling - Lovelo
what a 1972 Tesco looked like - Instagram
Israel's other war - NYer
"It's an awful thing to make a truly tragic mistake, one that costs many lives. It's worse to make that same mistake over and over again."
two Europeans adopted by Aborigines in the mid-19th century - ABC
the vast leaning book towers - Berfrois
Bangkok motorcycle taxi drivers and Thai politics - NYROB
outside Norway, not that many people have actually read Knausgaard - NYROB
trying to reform mathematics teaching - NYT
"children in rich countries are mind-bogglingly safe, so long as they look both ways before crossing the road" - Econ
I'd totally forgotten about Iran Air Flight 655 - Slate
teaching small cardinal numbers to a toddler - OxfordBlog
the history of Israel's Gaza policy - LRB
Australia has "a gambler's addiction to roads" - Age
"road agencies and other road project proponents in industry and the community spend next to no effort examining what problems their projects and plans are trying to solve, other than the perceived problem that they do not have enough road funding"
self-referential signage - Flickr - Twitter
the first of these is real, I have my doubts about the second
Switzerland needs some protection for whistleblowers - Economist
universities shouldn't try to be too clever with their web sites - NNgroup
a six hour video of a giant squid dissection - LiveStream [via Schneier]
remembering George Bell, bishop of Chichester - TonyMusings
"his speech in 1944, when he again demanded the House of Lords stop British saturation bombing of German cities such as Hamburg and Berlin as a disproportionate and illegal 'policy of annihilation' and a crime against humanity"
on past performance, a random refugee seems more trustworthy than the Australian Immigration Minister - SMH
fixing mysql/wordpress character set problems is a nightmare - Wordpress
the leader of the largest faction of Israel's ruling party openly advocates the ethnic cleansing of Gaza - EI
riding dinosaurs is the safest form of transport in the UK - Conversation
parking spaces are eating our cities - Citylab
money buys school grades more effectively than uni ones - Conversation
A Very Short Introduction - French Literature [my review]
Lydie Salvayre's biting satire on corporate paternalism - The Award [my review]
successful experiments in social psychology have no meaningful scientific value - Cosma
(clearly, if unsuccessful experiments have no value...)
asking drivers to behave nicely is not enough - WarWithMotorist - AsEasyAsRiding
an excellent piece on Gaza - RighteousTrayf
how a culture of rail safety in the UK has been achieved - WarWithMotorist
Helsinki plans to make car ownership pointless - Guardian
sports/recreational cycling is not a spur to everyday cycling - Wolmar
Australia: betraying the helpless to torture and murder - HeathenScripture
surreal aircraft fuselages climbing out of river - King5
Austrian economics is a mind-eating brainworm - Bloomberg
Israel blithely ignores laws against collective punishment - HRW
Tony Blair applies to be Caliph - DailyMash
"“In my previous role I was instrumental in creating networks of Islamic extremists in Iraq and Afghanistan using an innovative mix of aerial bombing and ground invasions."
NSA monitoring rules: Linux Journal is apparently "an extremist forum" - Schneier


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