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Internet Censorship & Civil Liberties in Australia

Australian Censorship

Book Reviews

Sense and Censorship (Australian history)

Secrets and Lies (Schneier)

Word Crimes (blasphemy in C19 Britain)
Giving Offense (essays by Coetzee)

More book reviews: civil liberties, the Internet.


News and Links

one lawyer's crusade against UK obscenity laws - Guardian
charged with exploiting themselves: the insanity of child pornography laws - ArsTechnica
Tony Abbott wants to be able to make Australians stateless, by ministerial fiat - SMH
Australia has given up freedoms (and a lot of money) for nothing - Guardian
how the FBI creates "terrorists" by entrapment - FirstLook
five years in prison for "promoting terrorism" on Facebook - Intercept

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Censorship in Australia is discussed on the stop-censorship mailing list.

Other Sites

Along with the Electronic Frontiers Australia site, the best source for information on Internet censorship in Australia is Irene Graham's Liberty or Tyranny site; her The State of Censorship covers Australian censorship more generally.

For coverage of the current events in censorship and moral outrage, a good source is Somebody Think of the Children. Refused Classification tracks bans on films and games.

Rod Williams has useful information on Australian film censorship. For privacy, the Australian Privacy Foundation does good work.

Many items censored in Australia are available at Amazon.

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