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This (unconfirmed) report from Flinders Uni. (1997)

Just for the record -- my university (Flinders) also has a proxy policy. It runs some sort of "Webtrack" software which denies access to millions of sites, even harmless ones. This includes ones which have been blacklisted as well as those containing the words "humour, entertainment" and so on.

It blocks:

www.anonymiser.com (Exception: Control List category sex, illegal drugs, hate speech, criminal skills, worthless, on-line sales, gambling, personal pages, games and fun, humor, alternative journal, entertainment, alternative lifestyle, extreme, chat, politics, opinion, religion, dating)

They don't teach religious studies or politics at Flinders?
www.wired.com ("Exception: Control List category alternative journal is restricted")
Sheesh, I've seen Wired cited in academic journals!
www.playboy.com ("Exception: sex,on-line sales, entertainment")

www.qrd.org Queer Resources Directory ("Exception: alternative lifestyle is restricted")

This sounds like an anti-discrimination law-suit just waiting to happen...
www.dilbert.com ("Exceptions: humour, entertainment")