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Javanese Gamelan in Sydney
Some History

Sydney has now seen more than twenty years of Central Javanese gamelan performance. Some of the highlights and key events:

Performance List (incomplete)

24 February 2002Langen Suka/Vi King LimPowerhouse Museum: with dance (VKL)
19 January 2002Langen Suka/Vi King LimPowerhouse Museum: with dance (VKL)
26 August 2001Langen Suka/Vi King LimOpera House: Asian Music and Dance Festival
12 May 2001Langen Suka/Vi King LimODS: Gandakusuma
27 April 2000Langen Suka/Vi King LimMcLaurin Hall: Music from Indonesia (with Sari Minang and Sekaa Gong Tirta Sinar)
13 April 2000Langen Suka/Vi King LimODS: Music of the Soul
27 October 1998Kyai Kebo GiroMcLaurin Hall: Vi King Lim's recital
19 November 1997Kyai Kebo Giro/Sarah WeissThe Harbourside Brasserie
26 October 1996Kyai Kebo Giro/Sarah WeissThe Dispensary
18 October 1996Kyai Kebo Giro/Sarah WeissMcLaurin Hall: Ray Keogh benefit (with Sydney Chamber Choir)
29 October 1995Kyai Kebo Giro/Sarah WeissAustralian Museum
18 October 1995Kyai Kebo Giro/Sarah WeissMcLaurin Hall: A Night of Central Javanese Gamelan

Last updated: July 2001