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I took up chess when I was nine, while my family was in England for six months, and played it seriously for eight years. My final tournament was the 1987 Australian Junior Championship, in which I came equal second. My best tournament performances were in the 2200+ range.


I played bridge fairly seriously from around 1988 to 1995. My regular partners were David Watford and Michael Cartmell. I still play socially occasionally. I've reviewed a few bridge books.


A primary school friend's father brought back from the United States what must have been one of the very first copies of Dungeons and Dragons in Australia. And I played (or rather DMed, mostly) till my mid-teens, though I probably spent more time making maps than anything else.

Computer Games

I spent a lot of time during my PhD playing nethack and netrek. After an eight year hiatus, I started (2002) playing again occasionally - I've been scout bombing for the Golden Bears in the INL. My netrek handle is ICMP Redirect.


I enjoy the occasional boardgame with friends - Settlers of Catan is the most popular.

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