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What is a blog? Definition and Typology

Notes from a talk at the Sydney Mechanics School of Arts, 16th April 2007

I have disagreements with some easily found definitions (my underlining)

Some history

Blogs are now much more diverse

My attempt at a typology you can make a rough classification of blogs by what matters most (noting that this is somewhat reader-dependent):

  1. old-fashioned link blogs, where readers are mostly interested in the links - such as my own blog Pathologically Polymathic
  2. blogs where the analysis/content is the primary interest - like Informed Comment
  3. blogs where the comments are of most interest - probably Slashdot, for most readers
  4. various combinations of these - the Literary Saloon has no comments, but a balance between interesting links and analysis; Fark has little commentary/analysis, but links plus comments; Crooked Timber posts often have links, but the analysis and comments are more often the attraction

Things that are not blogs

what happens at the boundaries?

Some notes


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