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the Kerries and Gungartan, Jindabyne

We went back to Mawsons Hut, where we found the track up onto the Kerries.

Rather than following that all the way along, we dropped off a little to the west, onto a lovely plateau bog area.

"atolls" of Alpine Tuft-rush, Oreobolus pumilio pumilio, surrounded by Epacris-Sphagnum complex

Alpine Plum Pine, Podocarpus lawrencei, and a frost crack

heavily cracked mud

ravens above the rock peaks

Then it was along the Kerries and up onto Gungartan for a windy lunch.

From Gungartan we found the (good) track down to Schlink Pass, avoiding the hideous scrub bash I had feared. With the skies now clear, it was a bit of a hot trudge to Disappointment Hut (10 shower pipes) and then down to the power station.

all the comforts of civilisation

In Jindabyne we found a three-person room in the Sonnblick Lodge and had our much-awaited hot showers. After strolling around central Jindabyne looking at pretty much every eating option, we ended up at the Bowling Club.

The following day Vic left at 6am to drive back to Wollongong, while Camilla and I did the Lakes Walk.

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