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Food Politics Links

interesting WorldWatch food blog - Nourishing the Planet
insects are food - Guardian
European regulators crack down on food claims without evidence - BBC [via BadScience]
£25m a year willl buy the UK food industry exemption from regulation - Guardian
pressure on food companies over palm oil suppliers - Economist
should governments play a stronger role in guiding nutrition? - Economist
one in four children in the US are using food stamps - Mish
questions for Nestle - PhDparenting
photo gallery: food advertising versus the reality - Guardian
Cadbury hides chocolate block reduction from 250 to 200gm - YouTube [via @seancarmody]
and the cocoa content has been reduced from 26% to 21% as well!
the complexities of infant diets - MM
food in the UK is all about class - Guardian
a baby milk scandal in China - SMH
how portion sizes in the US have increased - DivineCaroline [via CT]
does freer trade in food help poor people? - Economist
has pasteurization gone too far? - Harpers
should there be bacteria in our milk?
the developing world's food problems - Economist
Monsanto's standover tactics and poisonous legacy - VanityFair [via /.]
baby formula companies set up fake grass-roots organisations - PRwatch [via ProRev]
now Nestle is trying to sell chocolate as a health food - SMH
I'm a chocolate addict myself, but this is ridiculous
no Australian government will take on alcohol - Crikey
US big business abets poisonous food imports from China - WP [via MSpeak]
I think I'll stick to Chinese-made electronics...
how fair is Fair Trade coffee? - JustThings [PDF]
interviews with growers, collectors and purchasers
soft drinks contain more benzene than is legal in drinking water - Effect
Australian food labels are often woefully inaccurate - SMH
"In one brand of chips the amount of trans fat was 13 times higher than claimed on the label... it was impossible to police nutritional claims because there was no rule on how wide of the mark they could be"
Australian junk food advertisers claim victory over public health - SMH
a US food retailer gives products health ratings - NYT [via Barista]
food manufacturers aren't entirely happy: "We don't like the idea that there are good and bad foods"
food and beverage marketing leads children to unhealthy diets - Aetiology
do we need the National Academy of Sciences to tell us that?
Nestle recalls baby milk in Italy, Spain, France and Portugal - Guardian
concerns about isopropyl thioxanthone
big brands lose face in China - ChinaDaily
"the mother of a three-year-old baby was shocked to know that the Nestle 3+ milk powder could harm babies due to excess iodine"
baby food companies evade marketing rules in Ghana - GhanaWeb
Nestle faces shareholder revolt over corporate governance - MENAFN
US Feds charge tobacco companies with racketeering - Economist
there's a "Nestle Microbe"... - GNN
"According to the company, LC1 strengthens the body's natural defenses and keeps the bowel healthy."
baby milk firm compensates families for dead babies - Scotsman
"A German manufacturer will pay over $10 million to Israeli families whose infants died or suffered developmental damage after they were fed a milk substitute lacking a crucial vitamin" (thiamin)
low breastfeeding rate puts millions at risk - BBC
WHO survey of developing countries finds "just 39% of infants were exclusively breastfed for the first six months, as recommended"
coffee giant avoids taxes in poor countries - Guardian
"a supplier of Nescafé and Maxwell House is accused of avoiding tax payments to the developing countries from which it buys."
Nestle subsidiary supports genocide-inciting talk show host - PatriotBoy
fake milk formula blamed for 50 infant deaths in China - Guardian
criticism of the UN Global Compact - EarthRights
"the high profile participation of Nestlé in the Global Compact, even as the company continues its long history of violating UN principles and undermining regulatory efforts"
US blocks WHO obesity campaign at behest of sugar companies - Guardian
Bush and senators "have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding from 'Big Sugar'"
US sanctions will cripple the Burmese economy - Forbes
Total, Nestle and Siemens are among the few companies left in the country
drug studies 4 times as likely to favour sponsor's product - New Scientist - BMJ
violations of baby milk marketing codes in West Africa - Guardian - BMJ editorial - BMJ paper
Nestle demands $6 million from Ethiopia for 1975 nationalisation - Guardian - Oxfam action

These links are extracted from my blog, Pathologically Polymathic.

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