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The theoretical position I feel closest to is that of libertarian communism (classical anarchism); being pragmatic, I'm more of a market socialist in practice.

I have a page about money, ethical investment and sustainability. See also my free speech and free software and freedom of information pages. And the politics, economics, and social justice sections of my book reviews may be of interest.

News and Links

poverty taxes the mind; scarcity begets scarcity - HarvardMag
nice introduction to the economic risks of climate change - PUP - first chapter [PDF]
the current financial system is less efficient than that of 1910 - RussellSage [PDF via Cosma]
"the finance industry's share of GDP is about 2 percentage points higher than it needs to be"
should Beijing raise its subway fares? some lessons in economics - MPettis
Herbert Gintis on general equilibrium and inclusive fitness - Oxford Blog
Robert Solow reviews Thomas Piketty - NewRepublic

(For more links, see my blog Pathologically Polymathic.)

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