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The theoretical position I feel closest to is that of libertarian communism (classical anarchism); being pragmatic, I'm more of a market socialist in practice.

I have a page about money, ethical investment and sustainability. See also my free speech and free software and freedom of information pages. And the politics, economics, and social justice sections of my book reviews may be of interest.

News and Links

the UK cannot leave the EU and stay in the Customs Union - InstituteForGovernment
UK savings rate now at record lows... - @faisalislam
Sainsburys is abandoning Fairtrade - Guardian
"there is no developed economy on the planet which trades with the EU only under WTO rules" - EUReferendum
London may cope with Brexit better than the rest of the UK - FlipChartFairyTales
but this is trade, not services; also, immigration restrictions will hurt London more
an extended argument for a universal basic income - WEF

(For more links, see my blog Pathologically Polymathic.)

Danny Yee