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The theoretical position I feel closest to is that of libertarian communism (classical anarchism); being pragmatic, I'm more of a market socialist in practice.

I have a page about money, ethical investment and sustainability. See also my free speech and free software and freedom of information pages. And the politics, economics, and social justice sections of my book reviews may be of interest.

News and Links

UK to EU investment up 17%, EU to UK investment down 9% - European Economic Review
"eing a smaller economy than the EU leaves the UK more exposed to the costs of economic disintegration"
positive results from a Californian universal basic income trial - Atlantic
How Legendary Frauds Reveal the Workings of Our World - Lying for Money [my review]
why food delivery companies lose money - NYMag [via Cosma]
the "dynamic" losses from Brexit are likely to exceed the static ones - CER
(or, welcome to a 10% cut in our living standards)
David Graeber "Against Economics" - NYROB

(For more links, see my blog Pathologically Polymathic.)

Danny Yee