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Bookshops in Australia: the Australian Bookshop Directory

This directory may not be up to date - please let me know of any errors.
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This directory is maintained by Danny Yee <entity(AT)danny.id.au> - you might also like to check out my book reviews.

Please don't send me general queries about Australian bookshops. If the information you want isn't on these web pages, it is unlikely I have it. Try the Australian Booksellers Association, the bookshop search at Bookshops.com.au or, for bookshops elsewhere in the world, Evelyn C. Leeper's Bookstore Lists.

This directory is a collection of information about Australian bookshops, new and secondhand, and book-buying more generally.

Contributions are most welcome (register or email). A URL for the shop's own site is most valuable, as it saves me having to list their address, phone number, and opening times myself. But descriptions of the shop's stock, atmosphere, and personal responses are what will make your contribution unique. I'm most interested in information about independent bookshops, since people mostly know what to expect from chain stores.

I am no longer adding pure online bookshops to the directory.

All shop reviews are by disinterested parties unless stated; submissions from owners or employees may be edited to remove hype.

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