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Adelaide Booksellers

Adelaide, — January, 2003

Secondhand, antiquarian out-of-print and collectable books. Out of print search service Wide range of second hand books - special interests are militaria, Australiana, art, biographies, children's, Literature. Have about 50,000 books in stock. Printed catalogues published about 4 times a year and emailed catalogues for special interests issued regularly.

Just off the Rundle Mall.

Alexander Fax Books

Canberra, — February, 2010

Secondhand military history with an emphasis on Australian military history

Ampersand Cafe Bookstore

Sydney East — February, 2010

A converted terrace, with narrow staircases and books crammed into every nook and cranny.

Annerley Community Bookshop

Brisbane — February, 2010

A volunteer-run, not-for-profit organisation with a lovely large shop in Annerley (nothing musty or cave-like about it!) with around 15,000 books. Most fiction books are only $5. [employee, 03/2006]

Antiquariat Fine Books

NSW, — February, 2010

Specialises in Cricket, Scottish and Australiana. Sells antiquarian and secondhand books, new books and antique prints. Produces catalogues which have themes (e.g. 'Women's Business', 'Theology, Church and Missionary History') which they will mail to you. Prices are expensive but the merchandise is unusual. Accepts credit cards [CC]

Arcade Books

NSW — February, 2010

Archives Fine Books

Brisbane, — February, 2010

Open 7 days a week. HUGE selection of used books, so big it has two addresses. Good prices -- some of the best I found in Australia. Helpful clerks. Good location -- down town, right by a mall which has a few of the standard types of bookstores. Ask around -- there were also a few other decent used bookstores in Brisbane. From what little I saw, it is the best city in Australia for finding old books. [AL]

The stock is so extensive and so good as much of it is retired academics' libraries and deceased estates from the USA. It is (for a secondhand bookshop) very expensive: egs I bought Anderson & Hicks' Cathedrals in Britain and Ireland for $5 at Books Bought and Sold, Archives priced it at $19.95; I bought Philip Crowl's The Intelligent Traveller's Guide to Britain at Books Bought and Sold for $25, Archives priced a (poorer condition) copy at $45; I bought Bedtime Stories for Young Australians from Cornstalk Newtown for $3, Archives priced it at $20 [CC]

Ashwoods Music and Books

Sydney — February, 2010

Basement shop, mostly remaindered stock, all good condition; but if you are looking for SF you may as well be at the Galaxy Bookshop, around the corner.

Asia Bookroom

Canberra, , — February, 2010

Specialising in new, out of print and antiquarian books of Asian interest. Our stock extends from new books hot off the press to rare antiquarian volumes, including a wide variety of books published in many parts of the world, some of which are rarely seen outside of Asia. [site]

I've found books here that I couldn't find anywhere else in the world. [DY]

Atavist Books

Brisbane — July, 2013

Berkelouw Books

From shops in Paddington and Berrima, Berkelouw has been rapidly expanding. (more…)

Blue Dragon Books

Blue Mountains — February, 2010

Specialises in fantasy and science fiction, crime, and children's books.

Blue Mountains Books

Blue Mountains, — February, 2010

Book Lore

Canberra,NSW — February, 2010

Book Lore Harden stocks over 30,000 quality pre-loved books, with books on all topics as well as a wide range of fiction.

Book Lore Lyneham is located next to the popular Tilley's Cafe in the inner north suburb of Lyneham, Canberra.

Booked Out

Sydney,Sydney East — February, 2010


Adelaide — February, 2010

Established in January 1992, this secondhand shop stocks approximately 10,000 titles. It has a strong emphasis on the Arts and Humanities: specialties include Art, Literature, Contemporary Fiction, Music, Film, History, Politics and Philosophy. (more…)

Bookmark Australia

NSW, — February, 2010

General antiquarian and used booksellers, specialising in Australiana, Maritime/Nautical, Surfing and Childrens Books. [04/2005]

Books & Internet

Darwin/NT — February, 2010

Books & Internet sells secondhand books, mostly paper backs. There is a physical shop in Darwin which has over 20,000 books. Lots of Science fiction and Fantasy.

Books by Mail

online — October, 2010

Books By Mail is an online bookstore, selling a wide range of secondhand books at great prices.


online, , , , — February, 2011

An online bookshop specialising in Australian military history, general military history, and Australiana, both new and secondhand.

Broken Spines bookshop

Sydney North — November, 2012

Second hand book shop on the beautiful Hawkesbury River. A good selection of fiction,literature, politics and philosophy.

Brown Books

Blue Mountains, — February, 2010

Browse Awhile Book Barn

NSW, , — October, 2014

[owner contribution] We are an independent bookshop with 29 years' experience in the book industry. We have ridden the crazy rollercoaster ride of surviving as an independent seller of new books against the barrage of discounting by chains and department stores. We then morphed into library suppliers of non fiction when the internet took hold of the world. Now that the big hype of the kindle has settled down and readers have returned to real books, we have settled into our cosy niche as booksellers of quality secondhand and rare books. (more…)

BSP Gallery

Victoria, — February, 2010

Out of print and rare books. Over 65,000 titles. Areas covered are: Australian history, aviation, literature, first editions, art, Australian art, Shipping history, children's books, memorabilia, postcards and many other subjects.

Chekhov's Three Sisters

Blue Mountains — February, 2010

Clarence Corner Bookshop

Brisbane, , — February, 2010

Located in a beautiful late 19th century two storey building, Clarence Corner Book Shop stocks significant books from the past, favourite out of print books, recent popular and well regarded books - contemporary and classic fiction all genres, children's picture books and stories, travel guides and tales, quality non fiction most subjects. Secondhand and selected new books.

The bookshop has a cafe which serves quality coffee, tea, cold drinks, and fresh light lunches and sweet treats.

[owner, 07/2011]


Inner West,Sydney, — February, 2010

The Cornstalk is a well-stocked secondhand bookshop with reasonable prices (for example, they know that hardcover blockbusters aren't worth anything, so they are all priced at $5). The shop is also highly organised and the staff are generally friendly. If you are searching for anything special they will take details and hunt for you. Two other features are an attractive and ever-changing window display and a wonderful glass cabinet filled with antiquarian and special interest books. These are mostly wildly expensive, but looking at them is pleasure enough. [CC]

Da Capo Music

Inner West,Sydney, , — February, 2010

Upstairs from Sappho and next to Gleebooks. Secondhand & antiquarian: printed music; scores; books about music. The stock is listed online.

6 rooms of second hand music - books, sheets, scores, programs, crammed into an atmospheric old 2 storey shop in Glebe. A music-lover's heaven. Friendly and knowledgeable staff (well we like to think so). Occasional catalogues. [owner]

Dee Why Books

Doesn't appear to have a Dee Why shop any more, predominantly mail order.

Deja vu Books

Tasmania — February, 2010

Diversity Books

online — February, 2010

We offer a diverse range of good quality, used books, vinyl records and a small selection of prints, at reasonable prices, to suit most tastes.

Our motto is: "We understand a good read!" [owners]

Duporth Book Exchange

Queensland, — February, 2010

My interests are mainly science fiction and childrens. The shops generally have a good range of these and they are at reasonable prices. The shops also have a real "second hand bookshop" atmosphere - by which I mean, the books are put into appropriate sections, mostly, but overflow onto piles on the floor - you feel you'll discover, any moment, a title that's been on your wish-list for years! (Unlike some "sanitised" second-hand bookshops, they stock old, somewhat battered treasures as well as near-pristine recent publications.) [Jane, 02/2004]

Elizabeth's Bookshops (Sydney)

CBD,Inner West,Sydney, , — February, 2010

A nice mix of new and secondhand books. Shops in the CBD (Pitt St) and Newtown (King St).

Elizabeth's Bookshops (WA)

Perth/WA, , — February, 2010

Three shops and a "warehouse" in Western Australia.

Fine Print Books

Inner West,Sydney — February, 2010

The catalogue is searchable online. Some specialisation in sport, labour history, etc.

This is a small, selective and well-maintained bookshop with very reasonable prices and an 'academic' feel to it. The opening hours are a pain - I have often stumbled off the train at Newtown and hared down King Street at 9 AM only to be disappointed! Cash only. [CC]

Florilegium: the Garden Bookstore

Inner West,Sydney, , — February, 2010

Specialises in gardening and botany, with hugely broad coverage – if you want a book on Peruvian cactuses, this is where to go.

Gawler Books

Adelaide — February, 2010

In a beautiful house built in the 1880s. About 50,000 new and old books with a wide range of themes.

George Street Book and Record Exchange

CBD,Sydney — February, 2010

This shop has a large and well-priced range of secondhand CDs with new stock coming in constantly. The books are also wide-ranging and cheap (though because they're new they're not so cheap as secondhand shops). I buy a lot of new paperback novels here as they have 30% to 50% off. The staff are not particularly helpful, and the name needs updating as there's nary a record in sight. Takes credit cards. [CC]

Similar and close to T. Kelly's, with a good mixture of subject matter, a fairly even spread between hardback and paperback and a limited supply of CDs. The SF/F section is well stocked with UK & US paperbacks from the past 30 years, mostly cheap, with some recent publications in excellent condition, a few rarities. [PY, 08/2001]

Gertrude and Alice

Sydney,Sydney East, , — February, 2010

Shelves and shelves of books from all genres. Has a non-fiction room called the Hemingway room, which boasts an amazing chess table for patrons to sit and play; lots of other games are also available. The café is run by the same owner and is successful its own right. [employee, 05/2004]

Gleebooks at Blackheath

Blue Mountains, — February, 2010

New and secondhand books, DVDs. Good coverage of literature and the humanities.

Gleebooks Secondhand

Inner West,Sydney, — February, 2010

An excellent secondhand shop and a children's bookshop joined together.


Inner West,Sydney — February, 2010

A Sydney institution, Goulds stocks mostly secondhand books - piles and piles of them, in dusty disorganised piles spread over two stories. It also has videos, vinyl records, and magazines. There are a pair of friendly twin cats which frequent the place. [Inggrid Ajani, 02/2002]

Harvard Books

Blue Mountains — February, 2010

Haymes and Sons

CBD,NSW,Sydney, — February, 2010

Dealers in Fine, Old & Rare books. Catalogues for Bushranging & Colonial Crime and Travel & Exploration are online.

Iluka Secondhand Books

NSW — February, 2010

From Australiana to Westerns, Cooking to Gardening, Military to Biographies, History to Fiction, etc.

JimmyD's Bookshop

Blue Mountains — February, 2010

John's Bookshop

Sydney,Sydney North — February, 2010

John sells second-hand books as a front for his real business of being a bum. As a bum he has attempted and has failed to write the great novel and has lain about reading this and that and has talked and talked and talked about what he might do someday. The second-hand bookshop was established a couple of years ago and against all expectation it has been success. John does not wear success well so don't let on that you know that John's Bookshop is worthy of praise.

On any given day you'll find him loitering about his shop in Mosman Cache spouting some dusty opinion to a bored and frightened pensioner or you might see him typing up the latest edition of his infamous newsletter. Either way the best advice I can give you is this - just visit the store for the best selection of books at the lowest prices and try not to upset the natives. [owner]

Kelly's Books

CBD,Sydney, , — February, 2010

These shops (like the George Street Book and Record Exchange) stock new books and secondhand CDs. The range is inferior, however. There are also porn magazines. Takes credit cards. [CC]

Always an excellent selection of recent SF/F/Horror remainders and a good range of decent secondhand SF plus plenty of mainstream and classic fiction. Good selection of CDs. This place really is worth a visit. [PY, 08/2001]

Lake Macquarie Secondhand Books

NSW — February, 2010

It’s only a small shop but is packed with lots of interesting books – about 16,000 in all. [05/2006]

Lamdha Books

Blue Mountains, — February, 2010

A good selection of books, but priced quite expensively. (In some cases more expensive than new copies from discount online sources.) [DY, 01/2010]

Louella Kerr

Inner West,Sydney, — February, 2010

We are a general secondhand & antiquarian bookshop. Open only by appointment. [owner]

Mr Pickwick's Fine Old Books

Blue Mountains, — February, 2010

A huge collection spread over three floors, with antiques and collectibles as well.

O'Connell's Bookshop

Adelaide, — May, 2010

Adelaide's oldest secondhand and antiquarian bookshop, with stock ranging from popular fiction to antiquarian.

O. P. Books

Victoria, , — February, 2010

I am an antiquarian and secondhand bookseller dealing from private premises by mail and appointment. I have been in the business for 25 years. I specialise in academic and research books, with emphasis on Australian, Pacific, Antarctic, literary works in general, and fine and rare books, and early printed books. My stock is approximately 15,000 titles. [owner]

Patty's Market

Brisbane — February, 2010

Buys and sells Furniture, English China and Books. Specialises in high school textbooks.

Ramsay Books

Adelaide, — May, 2002

A medical bookshop, specializing in medical nursing and related health areas.

Read St

online, — February, 2010

Featuring second-hand Australian fiction, popular fiction, mystery/crime, biographies and children's books. Free postage within Australia.

Readers Refuge

online, , — February, 2010

We specialise in Fiction (all genres), Art, Business, Children's and Health titles and also have a good range of South East Asian authors. [owner, 10/2002]

Retriever Books

Sydney,Sydney North — February, 2010

We stock contemporary and classic fiction plus biographies, history, travel and exploration, sport, and many other subject areas. [owner, April 2002]

Retrorocket books and collectables

Perth/WA — August, 2010

In store we specialise in role playing game (RPG) resources, Science Fiction, Murder Mysteries, non-fiction and some vintage books. We do stock other non-book items also.

Online specialities include politics, science fiction, cyberculture and esoteric.

Robert Muir Old and Rare Books

Perth/WA, — February, 2010

Established in 1973 with over 50,000 books in stock.

Sappho Books and Cafe

Inner West,Sydney, — February, 2010

'Sappho Books' looks as though it was organised by a group of obsessive-compulsives... which in fact it was. For example, the Drama section is divided into five clearly labelled and alphabetically arranged sub-sections. While we have excellent Humanities areas, the strength of 'Sappho Books' lies in its extensive Fiction sections, contemporary, classic, crime and popular titles, plus a large selection of science fiction and fantasy. Contrary to the expectations of many, 'Sappho' is not a lesbian bookshop, although Women's Studies and Gay/Lesbian literature are well represented. [owner]

Seddon Book Alley

Melbourne — January, 2013

Maybe Melbourne smallest second-hand bookshop, with a great selection of titles tucked between two shops, a must to visit.

Serendipity Books

Perth/WA, — February, 2010

Serendipity Books is the largest supplier of second-hand, antiquarian and out-of-print books in Western Australia. Serendipity have been issuing free catalogues to collectors, libraries, academics and institutions, both in Australia and worldwide, for the past 21 years. We specialise in books on the Pacific, South East Asia, Australia, Western Australia, the Australian Aborigines and Australian Literature. We also have large stocks of books in other predominantly academic fields, such as history, politics, economics, literary criticism, and the humanities. [owner]

Sinbad Books

Victoria — February, 2010

Deals in second-hand books, and has quite a large collection. [donlhumphries]

SRC books

Inner West,Sydney, — February, 2010

A secondhand bookshop run by the student council at Sydney University.

Buys and sells current textbooks, but has some broader stock and will also sell other titles on commission.

Swinburne Student Bookshop Co-Op

Victoria, — February, 2010

Primarily we serve the academic market, however we do have a selection of general books, general computer books, academic software, design materials, office supplies, general stationery, Swinburne Memorabilia, Personal Development books etc.

Sybers Books

Victoria — February, 2010

Penny and David Syber each run a second-hand book shop. The Chapel Street store is at number 38, opposite the Windsor Railway Station, near the corner of Dandenong Road and Chapel Street.
It has a very large collection of SF&F and other genre books. Penny is quite approachable and the 3 large cats in her store are always a talking point, with many visitors taking photographs.

Disclaimer: bought too many books from Penny. [h.soh(AT)trl.telstra.com.au]

T's Bookshop

Sydney,Sydney East — February, 2010

Populated by uni students, this second-hand shop has a great selection. Lots of books and very little room to move in. The owner is a frightenly organised woman who has owned the place for years. [Rae, March 2004]

Terra Australis Books

online, , — June, 2010

An online shop specialising in secondhand nonfiction - military, transport, natural history, Australiana, art, history, etc.

The Bowral Bookmen

NSW, — October, 2010

The Bowral Bookmen (previously Antiquariat Fine Books) is a bricks-and-mortar and online bookseller located in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia. It stocks over 10,000 new, used, fine and rare books in most genres. Specialities include: Australiana, military history, biographies, natural history and travel / exploration.

The Club Secondhand Bookshop

Victoria — February, 2010

The main book business is secondhand books and we specialise in Gippsland and the Australian Alps, Aborigines and Collectables. We issue mail order lists each month and these are posted to our web site which is updated the first week of each month.

We also publish a small number of titles of local interest and currently have over 20 titles in print. [owner]

The Old Church Bookshop

Sydney,Sydney North, — February, 2010

Excellent selection, the owners are knowledgeable and friendly, excellent prices. The hours and days are limited, but if needed you can probably make an appointment. Sorry I don't have the phone number, but this shop is definitely worth looking into for History and Literature, including a good selection of Australian literature. Mostly old books, probably ~50,000 titles (estimate) or more. As the name indicates, the bookshop is in an old church. [AL]

Udderly Books

online — April, 2010

An online secondhand bookshop based in Perth.

Flat rate shipping anywhere in Australia.

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