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Collected Funny Stuff

I didn't write any of this, these are just items that have come my way over the years which I thought worth keeping. See also my crazy ideas collection.

Students and Teachers

Lord of the Rings: an Allegory of the Phd
Picking the Right Supervisor (a fable)
The Joys of Teaching
Why God Never Received Tenure
History in Student Bloopers

Literature and Politics

L'Isle de Gilligan
a parody of postmodernism
Little Red Riding Hood ("PC" version)
Fox in Socks Comes Back (external)


See my anti-censorship humour page.


The Theology of STOP Signs
The Existence of System Administrators (external)
Theological Engineering Exam


I would like to be present everywhere
I have eaten all I have
Shaney meets Serdar Argic
Is Windows a Virus?
One OS to Rule them All


"On the Tendencies of Motion"
Fermat's Last Theorem Proven
The Psychiatric Hotline


pro-Bexit protest "swelled from a crowd of eight to a throng of around a dozen" - PlymouthLive
Article 50 Extension Day, 2051 - Armchair Ideology
UKMAscript will be replacing ECMAscript - DylanBeattie
how is reading a novel like reading a maths book? Jane Austen meets Kuratowski closure operators - @benjamindickman
EvPsych on how "humans evolved in an environment featuring invisible beings with minds and the ability to affect the material world" - Bactra
a brief history of web browser user-agent strings - WebAIM

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