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Collected Funny Stuff

I didn't write any of this, these are just items that have come my way over the years which I thought worth keeping. See also my crazy ideas collection.

Students and Teachers

Lord of the Rings: an Allegory of the Phd
Picking the Right Supervisor (a fable)
The Joys of Teaching
Why God Never Received Tenure
History in Student Bloopers

Literature and Politics

L'Isle de Gilligan
a parody of postmodernism
Little Red Riding Hood ("PC" version)
Fox in Socks Comes Back (external)


See my anti-censorship humour page.


The Theology of STOP Signs
The Existence of System Administrators (external)
Theological Engineering Exam


I would like to be present everywhere
I have eaten all I have
Shaney meets Serdar Argic
Is Windows a Virus?
One OS to Rule them All


"On the Tendencies of Motion"
Fermat's Last Theorem Proven
The Psychiatric Hotline


EvPsych on how "humans evolved in an environment featuring invisible beings with minds and the ability to affect the material world" - Bactra
a brief history of web browser user-agent strings - WebAIM
Pride and Prejudice and P-Zombies - CrookedTimber
a new kind of sort, "sleep sort" - Otaku
Dave, Boz and Lee's Global Adventure - FlipChartFairyTales
the Contemporary Classical Composer's Bullshit Generator - DominicIrving

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