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40-42 Charlotte St, Brisbane 4000 (map)
Brisbane, — by danny, February 2010

Open 7 days a week. HUGE selection of used books, so big it has two addresses. Good prices -- some of the best I found in Australia. Helpful clerks. Good location -- down town, right by a mall which has a few of the standard types of bookstores. Ask around -- there were also a few other decent used bookstores in Brisbane. From what little I saw, it is the best city in Australia for finding old books. [AL]

The stock is so extensive and so good as much of it is retired academics' libraries and deceased estates from the USA. It is (for a secondhand bookshop) very expensive: egs I bought Anderson & Hicks' Cathedrals in Britain and Ireland for $5 at Books Bought and Sold, Archives priced it at $19.95; I bought Philip Crowl's The Intelligent Traveller's Guide to Britain at Books Bought and Sold for $25, Archives priced a (poorer condition) copy at $45; I bought Bedtime Stories for Young Australians from Cornstalk Newtown for $3, Archives priced it at $20 [CC]

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  1. I agree with the comment about Archives being expensive - never go there looking for a bargain. On the other hand, they do have an enormous range of books, much of it academic or special interest. Second-hand bookshops in Brisbane's CBD are disappearing (gone are Lloyd's, Book Nook, and a couple of others), so it is reassuring to still have Archives.

    Comment by James Hurst — June 2010

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