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CBD,Sydney, , — February, 2010

For me, Abbeys vies with Gleebooks for the title of Sydney's best retailer of new books. The shop is large and well laid out, the stock is extensive, and they offer a "happy hour" every Thursday night 7.00 PM to 8.00 PM when there is 5% off all stock. Best of all their services is that they will order any book from anywhere for you, and are prompt in informing you when it arrives. Gift vouchers may also be purchased, and are a wonderful present. [CC]

Definitely worth a visit after Galaxy, just to get grounded again. Abbey's is a well-organised and large bookshop, extensively stocked with all subject matter and not part of a huge chain. Excellent worldwide ordering service, plus gift vouchers. Also publishers of free monthly 'Crime Chronicle' and 'Abbey's Advocate' newsletters. [PY, 08/2001]

Attached to Abbeys is the Language Book Centre, which offers an impressive range of material in a wide range of languages. They also have a science fiction bookshop Galaxy, which is right nearby [DY, 2003]

Charles Darwin University Bookshop

Darwin/NT, — February, 2010

Textbooks, some purchasing of current textbooks.

Clouston and Hall Academic Remainders

Canberra, — February, 2010

A book is "remaindered" when its publisher judges that its sales velocity has slowed to a point where it is no longer viable to keep the book in stock.


Inner West,Sydney, — February, 2010

Right across from the school where they hold markets on the weekends. Lots of new releases, academic books, good section on drama, a huge amount of stuff on lifestyle, classic literature and "modern" novels. Some SF/F. (LR)

Vies with Abbeys for the status of Sydney's best bookshop. Exceptional philosophy and cultural studies stock, but also solid holdings in other academic areas. Has a broad range of literature and a decent selection of DVDs. Holds regular book launches and other events. [DY]

Melbourne University Bookshop

Victoria, — February, 2010

An extensive collection of academic titles; medicine, economics, law, languages, education, social, technical and applied sciences, computer books and software, literature, fine arts, agriculture, history, architecture, philosophy, music, anthropology and more. Plus a wide range of general books, stationery and multi-media cd-roms, with a special order service.

SRC books

Inner West,Sydney, — February, 2010

A secondhand bookshop run by the student council at Sydney University.

Buys and sells current textbooks, but has some broader stock and will also sell other titles on commission.

Swinburne Student Bookshop Co-Op

Victoria, — February, 2010

Primarily we serve the academic market, however we do have a selection of general books, general computer books, academic software, design materials, office supplies, general stationery, Swinburne Memorabilia, Personal Development books etc.

UNSW Bookshop

Sydney,Sydney East, — February, 2010

As well as servicing student textbook needs, offers an excellent range of general/trade books, specialising in several areas, such as architecture/urban planning; business/management; literature; etc. Fast special & mail orders are an important part of the business. There is a 10% discount on most books. [employee]

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